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Fabulous Aberfoyle Market Finds | Kitchener Commercial Photography

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Aberfoyle Antiques Market is THE most jaw-dropping and eclectic market I have ever been to! I was thrilled to spend just a few hours there before tackling yet more unpacking, but how I wish I could have devoted more time to looking/digging through the vendors' wares. A second trip will be in order as soon as we're better settled in our new house and are home from a little family vacation.

The market had an insane selection of antiques and it would certainly take a couple of days of browsing to make sure you saw everything. Below is a small list of pieces I found - but couldn't quite afford - and have added to my wishlist:

1. Handsome dark-stained wooden desk with art-deco inspired hardware ($125.00)
2. Purple glass door knobs ($40.00)
3. Selection of vintage cameras & crank video recorders ($50.00-$100.00)
4. Vintage cash register banks in pistachio, red & blue ($25.00 ea.)
5. Various coloured vintage telephones (starting at $85.00)
6. Distressed pistachio green toy trunk ($250.00)

This morning I picked up a few lovely pieces of costume jewellery (in aquamarines & greens) as well as a cute little salmon-coloured rose broach. A "new" red vintage phone also found a cozy home in my office and I'm crossing my fingers that a certain desk I love will still be there in a few weeks (when I hope to make my second trip back)!

Mmmmm, Lychees | Food Photography

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My husband bought this bunch of lychees in Chinatown in Toronto over the weekend. If anyone has a lychee dessert recipe to share please do so! We have quite a few left and I'm compiling a list of yummy lychee-eats. Here are a few ideas so far:

1. Lychee Martinis (made with vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, & lychee juice)
2. Lychee Fruit Salad (including mangos, oranges, grapes & pineapple)
3. Lychee Panna Cotta (check out a great recipe - and some amazing image stills - here)

Photo Art | Wall Collages | Waterloo Photography Studio

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Family and I are all set and incredibly excited to finally move into our new home this weekend. Slightly more excited am I to begin using our front room as Novella's new studio space! I have my paint swatches chosen, backdrop support system and new softbox delivered and a beautiful empty space above the fireplace that screams "Show off your work here! Must order canvas wraps from Willow stat!" Well, I'm so excited about creating my first image collage that I've been doing a little research this morning, instead of last minute packing. Here are a few images and another blog that I found to be very helpful:

A blog I intend to begin following Peggy, an interior designer, offers great step-by-step advice in creating, designing, and executing beautiful wall collages and includes some of her own sketches of collage-by-room scenarios. The pictures in this post are from her blog (unsure if they were taken by her though).

Here are a few of my favourites:

I would LOVE input on this post! I feel completely lost when it comes to organizing eye-catching wall collages and if you have suggestions please feel free to post!