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Engagement Session in Downtown Kitchener | Kitchener/Waterloo Wedding Photographer

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm starting to LOVE downtown Kitchener! The rain held off long enough that we were able to grab some great shots of B+P! Can't wait to shoot their wedding August 6th!!! You guys are so lovely. Please scroll below for some more images from their session :).

Day Five | Live Below the Line

Been slightly busy to post and I know I'm quite behind with this one but here we go:

Pot of tea = .15 cents
2 small baked potatoes = .24 cents
1/2 cup cooked rice = .20 cents
1 egg = .24 cents
1/2 banana = .14 cents
1 small bowl of granola (w milk) = .48 cents

TOTAL = $1.45

The Challenge was much more difficult than I thought it would be with regards to the cravings I felt towards certain foods (pizza and pasta being two of them). I also experienced slight anger at not being able to finish a whole banana or only being able to eat one strawberry, and I can only image how intense this feeling must be for those who have absolutely no choice but to make this type of sacrifice.

Another frustration was that quite a bit of the fresh fruits and vegetables I ate were the most expensive items to eat. A whole apple, for example, was priced at 43 cents and I had to break it into quarters and eat it over the course of a few days in order to be able to fit more meals into my day. Grapes and berries, which was expected, were also expensive fruits. Locally grown carrots and potatoes were the most cost-effective vegetables to eat.

I may/may not partake in the challenge again. What I didn't realize in the beginning was that the proceeds from Live Below the Line went to poverty-awareness groups in the United States, and not towards groups in Canada or abroad. Instead, I plan on focusing my energy on helping out at the local Kitchener/Waterloo Food Bank as well as the Canadian group Make Poverty History (which sends donations to Canadian charitable groups as well as abroad). Although the challenge was a good initiative to help put everything in perspective I strongly believe more direct action needs to be taken in order to, not only raise awareness, but also contribute to the helping of those in direct need.

Days Three & Four | Live Below the Line

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yikes, I'm getting a little behind! Here is what I ate yesterday and today.


1 pot of tea = .15 cents

Half of Rachael's rice *salad* = .35 cents

1 slice of ham = .30 cents

1 potato = .12 cents

2 chicken wings = 58 cents

TOTAL = $1.50


Leftover pot of tea = 7.5 cents

Other half of Rachael's salad = .35 cents

1 small slice of baguette = .09 cents

3 wedges of cheese = .58 cents

5 grapes = .15 cents

1 big strawberry = .20 cents

TOTAL = $1.44

Day Two | Live Below the Line

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been a little easier today, although I've had to deal with a very grumbly belly since about 10 this morning. I placed my morning tea bag in a giant tea pot this morning, instead of a cup, so I've been able to drink tea all day (thanks for the heads-up, Tamsin ;), and will be finishing the dregs of it before bed.

Here's my *menu* from day two:


1 pot of tea (but only one bag) = .15 cents

1/4 leftover scrambled egg sandwich = .06 cents for the egg and .04 cents for 1/4 piece of bread = .10 cents total

1/4 cup cooked brown rice = .10 cents

1/2 banana = .14 cents

1 egg = .24 cents

2 chicken wings = .58 cents (.29 cents each)

1 potato = .12 cents

...for a total of $1.43.

I still can't begin to fathom how a person would be able to, not only eat on $1.50/day, but factor into that total their costs for shelter, transportation, education and health care. It's absurdly impossible and so incredibly sad that this is happening worldwide.

Day One | Live Below the Line

Monday, May 16, 2011

This morning I began the Live Below the Line challenge and I'm anxious to post what I've had to eat today. It's been only a little more difficult than I expected but I noticed that my cravings for larger portions of food diminished by 12PM this afternoon. I also had both daughters home from school and we hit up the Library, coloured and had a monster tickle fight this afternoon so, thanks to them, my mind didn't have time to wander to more food-based thoughts.

So, here's what I ate. It's quite simple and I have only the slightest of headaches (but that's a good thing):

MONDAY MAY 16th 2011

1 cup of tea = .15 cents

5 raspberries = .20 cents (.04 cents ea)

1/4 apple = .11 cents (approx. .43 cents for a full apple)

1 carrot = .15 cents

1/4 box macaroni and cheese = .32 cents

1/4 farmers sausage = .29 cents

1/4 cup cooked brown rice = .10 cents

...for a total of $1.32. I'm looking forward to another tea tonight - so my daily total will reach $1.47.

First Wedding of the 2011 Season | Kitchener Waterloo Wedding Photographer

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Wedding Season has officially begun and my first couple saw Novella off to a wonderful start!
Thank you so much guys for being so lovely and giving me the chance to capture you on your wedding day! I hope you're soaking up the sun in Florida!

This Weekend at the Farmers Market | Kitchener, Ontario

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's mid-week and I'm anxiously awaiting my weekly walk to the Kitchener Farmer's Market. Last week saw me purchase a huge bunch of basil, two portobello mushrooms, tulips (for mother's day), homemade granola and soft corn tortillas, and 6 croissants and one pan d'epi from Golden Hearth Bakery across the street. This Saturday I will be picking up some seasonal produce to add to my meals next week as I begin the Live Below the Line challenge. In case you're wondering which vegetables and fruit are in season in May in Ontario, here's a quick list based on information from the Foodland Ontario website:

* asparagus
* carrots
* cucumber (greenhouse)
* lettuce (greenhouse)
* mushrooms
* onions (cooking)
* peppers (greenhouse)
* radishes
* rutabaga
* spinach
* sprouts
* sweet potatoes
* tomatoes (greenhouse)

* apples
* rhubarb
* strawberries (day neutral - not sure if these are actually in season as I've read a few sites stating that they are usually planted in May and not picked until July/August).

I will admit that most of what I saw last Saturday was imported produce from the US and as far away as Argentina. Even the asparagus was from Argentina, a vegetable that is supposed to be *in-season* here in Ontario! With luck and a bit of searching I was able to find all of my purchases from local farmers/bakers and I'm hoping there will be more of a local selection this Saturday.

Just a reminder too that next week is dedicated to Live Below the Line. From May 16th until May 20th myself and thousands of others will be eating on only $1.50 each day. The objective is to raise awareness for global poverty and gain a glimpse into the lives of the 1.4 BILLION people who live below this poverty line each day. Although I will only be spending $1.50 on food each day, those who are poverty-stricken depend upon this amount for not only food, but shelter, transportation, health care and education. If you can, join me in raising awareness for global poverty and take on the Live Below the Line challenge.

Live Below the Line | Poverty Awareness May 16th-20th

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tonight I came across a short *address* by none other than Hugh Jackman promoting a poverty awareness campaign called Live Below the Line (yes it was listed on and, yes, I've given in to my Perez Hilton addiction although I *must* state that I am ONLY frequenting the fitperez site and not his gossip blog ;).

Despite initially being wooed by Mr. Jackman, I felt compelled to take up the challenge of living on $1.50/day for food for the week. The challenge is designed to give you a glimpse into the lives of the 1.4 BILLION people living in extreme poverty around the world while campaigning for poverty awareness and raising money via sponsorship. My goal is to raise $150.00 for Live Below the Line, hopefully more, but every little bit will help.

A little bit about the Challenge:
* Although $1.50/day will cover only my food costs, those facing extreme poverty rely on $1.50/day to cover not only food, but shelter, transportation, health care and education.
* Your $1.50 can be spent daily, although you can opt to spend your $7.50 (for the week) at the beginning of the challenge to purchase what you will eat for the rest of the week - you should still only eat $1.50 in food per day.

Unfortunately, Live Below the Line does not have a Canadian branch and the money raised via my sponsorship goes directly to helping keep aid programs running in the United States - but poverty is poverty and ANY awareness is crucial to making poverty history.

After applying for the Challenge I found a great Canadian poverty awareness site called Make Poverty I have decided to partake in the Live Below the Line challenge at least once a month but will most likely begin donating to this Canadian charity, where money goes directly towards providing relief here in Canada as well as abroad.

Please take the time to check out the sites provided in this blog entry. Share the sites with others via social networking tools and help spread poverty awareness across the country.

Brownies and Strawberries in Toulouse | Kitchener/Waterloo Food Photographer

Monday, May 9, 2011

Both brownie and strawberries were from the local market and baked and grown locally. French strawberries are amazing!

Taken in our apartment in Toulouse.