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Little Mushroom | Kitchener, Waterloo {FOOD} Photographer | Cookie Yummies!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I was quite excited this morning to photograph Stephanie Tanner of Little Mushroom Catering, and posted here are a few dessert teasers from our session!  Our morning began with some portraits outside the old Bonnie Stewart shoe factory, which currently houses the Little Mushroom kitchen {a bright and colourful space that always smells amazing!} as well as a few other creative studios.

While Stephanie prepped for a lunch {always the busy-body}, I took to capturing some delicious hors d'oeuvres headlining this years Little Mushroom Summer menu!  More teasers will come soon but I'm a sucker for cookies, especially homemade ones, and I couldn't pass putting a few up :).  The Little Mushroom specialty cookie was created by PJ Lowe of Nom Nom Treats, who has made up some cookies for Cute Gecko as well as other local businesses and events.   

Service-oriented as well as specializing in local, seasonal ingredients and dishes makes Little Mushroom such an obvious {and locally-minded} choice to cater your up-and-coming luncheon, party, wedding, etc!  With Stephanie, it's so much more than just service with a smile.  She's incredibly passionate about her food {as well as her local food suppliers}, and is always seeking to connect her delicious eats with creating an experience.  

Click here to view Little Mushroom's website!

Cherry Clafoutis | Kitchener Waterloo Food Photographer

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So!  I'm definitely thinking this little dessert is going to be my *go-to* Summer dessert this year!  While reading an interview with Beatrice Peltre {of the blog, La Tartine Gourmande}, and after reading her statement that no one in North America seemed to know what a clafoutis was {myself being one of them}, I jumped online to read more about this traditional French dessert.  Good lord am I ever glad curiosity got the best of me this morning!

I ended up trying out a recipe from and really wasn't too impressed with the final results. The dessert is delicious, don't get me wrong, but before posting a recipe here I think I'm going to have to make this several times over *just to get it right* and perhaps give it a Novella tweak ;).

I really wasn't sure this would go over well with the girls but I think the pancake-like texture/flavour was enough to win them over!  This little lady also happens to LOVE cherries, so that definitely worked in the dessert's favour.

Walter Bean Trail | Location Scouting

I was out for a morning walk on the Walter Bean Trail and couldn't miss snapping up a few images for this week's {Location, Location} spot on the blog.  This particular section of trail, the Economical Insurance Trailway, is SO pretty and the perfect location for small family and engagement sessions.   

A sweet little bridge is located at the beginning of the trail.  I've seen kids race homemade boats under this bridge and there's a little rocky area just past it where you can search for fossils and pretty stones along the river.

There's also a very pretty, Tim Burton-esque apple grove further down the trail.  The ground is quite sandy here and you can make out deer tracks if you look closely enough :).

Oooh, and a wheat field!  Definitely a very romantic setting for an engagement couple.

The Economical Insurance Trailway is really a beautiful section of the Walter Bean Trail and it's quite a long portion too - I believe it's 3.5KM walk from the bridge to Bingeman's.  Stay tuned for a styled session coming soon!  Novella will be teaming up with KISS-N-MAKEUP and we're so excited to be working together on this hush-hush project ;).

Digital Files | M&T Printing Group | Kitchener/Waterloo Photographer

Friday, April 13, 2012

I was just able to pick up my printed DVD from M&T Printing Group here in Waterloo (they have an office in Kitchener as well), and I'm thrilled with how lovely of a job they did for Novella!  I would definitely encourage any fellow, local photogs to check them out!

Thanks again M&T!

DVD Cases & Mini Accordion Photobook | Novella Photography Post-Session Pomp

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So, I've received quite the number of lovely post-session products for my families in the past, but I don't think I've been as impressed as I was yesterday when these babies arrived!  It was my first time ordering a special DVD case as well as an accordion photobook from my local printing company, GTA Imaging in Toronto, and I was completely floored by the quality and look of both items.  Both the DVD and photobook were finished in a gorgeous dark grey linen fabric and all papers were printed with a linen finish (you know me and my linen finishes ;).  Above and below are a few images taken today that I hope showcase how lovely these guys turned out and how great of a job my printer did!

I found the perfect little boxes at Michaels to wrap my accordion photobook thank yous in!

I would like to thank my printer, GTA Imaging in Toronto, for consistently great work!  The quality of the products you offer fuel the excitement I feel when creating something special and timeless for my couples and families!  Thank you so much again!