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Working in Their "Office" | dSLR Mommas Project - Craft Away

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was lucky enough to snap a quick shot of the girls while they toiled away in their office this weekend.  It also happens to be the first image in, hopefully a long sequence, for a new project I'm starting with them.  Essentially, they LOVE crafting and I've been quite remiss over the past year-or two and haven't really come up with anything new for them to create.  Well, not anymore!  Armed with what I will call an "arsenal" of Usborne craft books, I've decided to help them learn some new crafting and painting methods as well as document the whole process.  Perhaps Annie will grab the Rebel xT and join in the documenting :}.  

This is a great project to start if you're looking to play around with your dSLR and capture your kids at the same time.  It's a great way, also, to get your kids used to the camera and you never know what photo-gems you might snap up!  

Perfectly Peachy Engagement Session | Kitchener/Waterloo Wedding Photographer

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I just wanted to post a very quick sneak peek of Steph and Jonathan's engagement session from last night!  Beautiful couple + Walter Bean Trail + setting sun + coral and grey = one gorgeous, natural and delicate e-sesh!  Full post will be coming shortly :). 

Happy Sunday!

Little Baby Eva | Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few weeks, ago I was asked to photograph this little sweetie as part of a baby shower gift and I'm so happy to have met her, as well as her lovely parents!  Also, Eva's Momma is THE Paper Bag Princess!  And I seriously mean "THE."   How cool is that?!  Robert Munsch, I see a sequel in the future ;).

Happy Mothers Day | My Sweet Family

This poor little pumpkin was sick all weekend but mustered up some energy (and managed a little smile) during my Mothers Day performance - that's right - I received a performance, including a ballet, feats of strength and a game of crocodile with fireballs!

The image above is just one of the many feats of strength the girls put Joseph through!  He's a strong Mister!  

Ben & Jo - Zombie Plague Survivors in Love | Kitchener/Waterloo Zombie Photographer

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where to begin with this engagement shoot.....First off, I know this isn't going to be for everyone.  Stephanie Brown, from KISS-N-MAKEUP, has done an amazing job creating our zombie for this session and as incredible as the makeup is, it could be considered graphic {Zombie fans - proceed.  Prudes - you can press that back button any time now ;}.  

Stephanie sums up her inspiration, as well as finding the fun in a shoot such as this, as follows:

The following images are of a very lovely, very strong couple I had the pleasure of meeting recently {as well, Ben & Jo were this year's auction winners from The Museum's Halloween Masquerade Ball last year}.  I think zombies were what created an instant connection between us and we had immense fun putting together their shoot {from Pinterest board creations to many, many emails and texts back and forth}.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy their images and have as much fun scrolling through them that I had shooting!

HUGE thank yous go out to the following people for helping make this engagement session incredibly fun and creative:

Stephanie Brown, from KISS-N-MAKEUP {thank you so much for making Jo look so fierce and creating such a wonderfully gory zombie!}
Paint The Moon Photography {Seriously loving "Twitterpated" right now!!  Thank you for creating such beautiful actions!}
Brennan Bell, from Huckleberry Film Studios {Thanks, in advance, for everything you captured in video and helping compose shots!}
Jake, Zombie {Thanks for helping us out!  You make a pretty gruesome zombie - Bieber hair and all!!}
Antique Market, St. Jacobs {for oh so many lovely props, including Jo's awesome mining pick.}
Economical Insurance Trailway, Kitchener Ontario {Location.}
My lovely neighbour Rachael {you're such a great sounding board and absurdly creative!  "Just Buried"... I'm still laughing about that!}
The Walking Dead {for buckets of inspiration.}

Zombie during his downtime...