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Alfredo Friday | Halloween Treats from the cake box

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yvonne from the cake box was lovely to have me come back this week and photograph some of her Halloween treats!  Please enjoy the images - first, a few cakes and sweet-bits Yvonne and her team were working on...

A beautifully hand-painted cake.  Hand-painted!

Yummy bite-sized meringues.

And now for some amazingly detailed Halloween cakes and treats!

Look at these beautiful pumpkins!

Before I left, I picked up a dozen cake pops and one dozen Halloween cupcakes for our party tomorrow night (which you're all invited to of course ;)).  I can't wait to hear the ooohs and aaahhhs from our guests!

Alfredo Friday | the cake box, Kitchener ON

Friday, October 19, 2012

Attention to all of my 2013 Brides!!!  If you have yet to have your cake created for your wedding next year, you MUST visit Yvonne at the cake box!  I'm not even sure where to start with this feature: part of me wants to just put up all of the images I've taken and let them speak for themselves.  The other part of me knows that some written content needs to go up.  It's so hard when all I want to do is show you ;)).

Like a stunning Maggie Sottero wedding gown, cakes from the cake box are infused with intricate textures, trending colours and beautifully tailored designs.  Each cake is a piece of couture-inspired art, and the time and creativity Yvonne puts into the designing of your cake is unsurpassed.

Having started the cake box out of her home, business has surged to a team of 10, a gorgeous new bakery-space (located at 70 Victoria St - corner of Victoria and Duke), and a mind-boggling number of Brides, location venues, corporate leaders, and birthday girls and boys, all looking for that perfect cake, cupcake or cookie for their event!

It really did feel like I got to shoot for Martha Stewart that day: everything was beautiful and perfect :)).

Please enjoy the rest of the images and, Brides, listen to your photographer: a beautiful cake created to represent you and your style is a must for your wedding.  It's not every day you can incorporate an edible work of art into your wedding and I have yet to see anyone else create and inspire like Yvonne from the cake box.

Congratulations over, and over!  

Here, Yvonne is creating the beginnings of a birthday cake modelled after the Parthenon.

Super, top-secret designs for cake trends over the next few months ;)).

A great way to showcase the many thank you cards from her clients, Yvonne uses a photo umbrella!


Yvonne, thank you so much again for having me out and I'm so lucky to have been able to capture your beautiful, absolutely stunning art!

70 Victoria Street, corner of Victoria + Duke

Alfredo Friday | Herrle's Market, Waterloo Ontario

Friday, October 12, 2012

This week I was lucky enough to visit and photograph Herrle's Market in Waterloo!  It was sweet-coincidence to have one of my daughters accompany me as well, and she loved every minute spent there (as did her Mom ;)).  

The Herrle Family has been farming for over 150 years!  Below, I've included an image from a family session I took last October - this is the field behind the Market (I love the rolling hills!).

Market doors open in June with Spring strawberries (pick-your-own too!) and close the last day in October.  The Market is always stocked with in-season fresh vegetables and fruit - all either grown by the Herrle Family or by local, trusted farmers within a 100KM radius - fresh apple ciders from Wellesley and Martin's Fruit Farm, canned beans, asparagus, and pickles, yummy maple syrup, honey and jams and a bounty of other fresh, local produce (like popping corn, gelato from Whole Lot-a Gelata, homemade pies, eggs, fresh meats, and I could go on, and on!).

Trevor Herrle-Braun was lovely enough, not only to show me around the Market, but also answer a few questions:

1. What are 5 words that sum up Herrle's Market perfectly?

Our motto, "Where Freshness Makes the Difference" :)

2. What kinds of preparations do you have to go through before opening again in June?

Like any family business, preparations are a mental thought that happen all year long.  Conferences and tradeshows happen in February and during reading week we start converstaions with returning staff.  Planting can start in March, and interviews for new staff start in April.  There is much cleaning to do, ordering, setting up, building displays, fixing broken items.  Always lots to do!

3. For those who have yet to embrace supporting local, what advice or encouragement would you give them?

Buying local produce, meats, grains, is more about a relationship of trust you can have between you, your family, and the farmer who grows it.  Local Farmers are very proud of the ethical, environmental, and pride they take in growing their produce and care for their animals.

4. Which local restaurants do you and your Family visit/support?

We enjoy Nick and Nats Uptown 21, Jake and Humphries, Pho dau Bo, to name a few.  We try very hard to support other family-run businesses.

5. Favourite food/movie combination :)).

Has to be curled up on our couch after a long day, a big bowl of our popcorn, some Cider Keg Sparkeling Cider, in comfy trackpants :)

6. Which is your most favourite fruit/vegetable to grow?  Which is the most difficult?

In my opinion, our peas are a family favourite.  Nothing beats a handful of fresh peas, crisp and sweet. 
Strawberries, being so good, are a very difficult crop to grow.  To maintain top quality for the market and top quality for our Pick Your Own customers to encourage them to tell their friends and keep them coming back.

Please enjoy the rest of the images.  I can't state enough how much Herrle's Market is an amazing place to shop for fresh, in-season produce.  There's a reason why, when I was looking for referrals to begin Alfredo Friday, Herrle's was recommended by every person who got back to me :)).   

And I'm going to sneak two more images from my Herrle's Market Family session from last October!  Aren't they just the cutest?! 

one dough Wednesdays | Bread from The Bauer Bakery + Cafe

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sadly, I haven't had time to bake today BUT I was able to pick up this beautiful, fresh loaf of olive bread from The Bauer Bakery + Cafe.  There were four different loaves to choose from, all having been freshly baked this morning.

I fear the bread is only the beginning for me here at the Bauer Bakery!  Not only is it a gorgeous, industrial-esque styled cafe (huge style points in my eyes), but they have some of the prettiest baked breads and sandwiches I've ever seen (I want to photograph every single piece and eat them too!).  Hey, and they don't use preservatives or additives in their baking!  I know that the last bit of text on their website says, "A new tradition of baking," but this loaf reminds me of how baking should be and was in the past.

Think they'll pass along their recipe for creating yeast?.....