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New Albums | Novella Photography {ALBUMS}

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm super-excited to be using a new printer for Novella's albums and couldn't wait until my first few albums arrived {which they did yesterday}.  In my 4 years of portraiture I have yet to see/hold/love a photobook as much as I do these!  Thought I would share just a few images before I deliver them to my lovely Couple ;)).

I'm in-love with the details that this Printer includes!

Any other photographers who would like to know more about my Printer, please drop me a line at and I *might* let you in on them ;)).

Sweet Fall Engagement | Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was thrilled when Emily & Scott asked me to capture their wedding and was equally excited to travel into Hamilton to shoot their engagement session!  We had a bevy of Fall colours and beautiful older buildings to work with {a photographer's dream!}.  And, of course, my future Bride and Groom were an absolute delight and so much fun to work alongside and capture!  September 2013 can't come soon enough!!

Alfredo Friday | Andrew Coppolino, Rare Republic + Waterloo Region Eats

Friday, November 2, 2012

Andrew Coppolino is perhaps the busiest guy I know.  He not only promotes Waterloo Region-based restaurants, farms, butchers and food-related community events on his site Waterloo Region Eats, but he also plays a major role in a local grassroots organization called Rare Republic.

Started by a solid team of local, food-minded individuals, Rare Republic works to provide Waterloo Region residents with the information they need to establish and maintain close-knit relationships with local food vendors - whether that vendor is a farmer, restauranteur, cafe owner, etc etc.  This relationship is key in creating trust between vendor and consumer and is exceptionally crucial as it gives us the knowledge we need to make well-informed decisions about what we eat (they've posted some great content on their facebook site about Genetically Modified foods as well as terrifying food industry practices).

Dubbed his "second office", The Bauer Kitchen is just one of the many amazing, local restaurants for you to check out in Uptown Waterloo!

The more I pour myself into *Alfredo Friday* the more I realize exactly how important it is to support local food-related businesses.  The one, over-all key quality to every feature I write is that I have now developed a solid relationship - food business to consumer - with each and every company/individual featured.  I'm incredibly proud to say that I know exactly where I will go for local, in-season fruits and vegetables, where to send my Brides who need catering services or artisan cakes, as well as who to have bake-me-up some amazing samosas and curry chicken pies to take home for dinner!  THIS is the relationship Rare Republic seeks to help establish for us and encourage Waterloo Region residents to seek.

It really comes down to trust and knowledge.  Either get out of town - or go out on the town - and discover these amazing, local foodies OR check out Rare Republic and have them do the leg-work for you.  The more knowledge you have, the more informed decisions and regional benefits you will make.

To get yourself one step closer to supporting local, please check out the following:

Rare Republic (facebook)
Rare Republic (twitter)