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Waterloo Mini Maker Faire | Downtown Kitchener Event

Sunday, June 16, 2013

We had an absolutely amazing afternoon at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire in Downtown Kitchener yesterday! The girls had a great time learning to solder (Annie soldered her little Maker's Faire pin), watched a 3D printer in action, used a micro lens to look at hair follicles, a scrape on Madeleine's knee and the make up of paper and clothing, and took in countless other Makers showcasing things they've made or demonstrating various gadgets. I'm really hoping this becomes an annual event as we're so excited to go again! 

Happy Fathers Day to the makers in your family! We really wanted to take Joseph golfing today but the rain is keeping us indoors. We're thinking about hitting up a few hardware stores, however, and the girls have been so inspired by yesterdays Maker's Faire that I think we're going to spend the afternoon creating!

Lindsey & Zach | Downtown Kitchener, Ontario

Thursday, June 13, 2013

And this is only the tip of the ice berg!  Enjoy your little teaser lovelies :)).

Fortune Tellers | Before-bed Craft

There's nothing like a fun and simple paper craft before bed!  The girls and I followed the fortune teller  folding steps from the {Paper Fortune Teller} excerpt from Wikipedia.  For a little extra geek-out, I've provided a link to images of the "cootie catcher" used in the opening for Community.

Also!  Kind of a fun fact: turn your paper fortune teller upside down (point-side down) and place food in its quadrants.  Paper fortune tellers are called "Salt Cellars" when used this way.  Encarta it ;)).

Chrystal & Mark | New Hamburg Engagements