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Boost your Business | Commercial Sessions with Novella Photography

Friday, January 31, 2014

Novella Photography is now offering half-day and full-day photographic coverage of your business.  Commercial sessions focus on you, your space, and your product(s), where use of natural light and a lifestyle photographic approach enable your audience to connect with your brand on a more personal and exclusive level.

Commercial sessions with Novella Photography: the ideal, natural way to visually connect your brand to your Audience.

Back-up Your Wedding Images with Novella Photography

Have you ever wondered what Novella does with your Wedding or Portraiture images *after* you receive your USB drive and are off on your merry way?  We save them, of course!  When I arrive home from your session/Wedding, the very first thing I do is upload your images and back them up to not one, but two hard drives.  Saved 3x, I now have the peace-of-mind to forge ahead and start my post-processing work.  

It's this same peace-of-mind that I would like to extend to all Wedding and Portraiture Clients of Novella Photography.  What I would like to recommend first is that once you receive your USB drive containing all of your images, you race home and back that baby up!  There, you now have 2 copies of images and memories of a completely irreplaceable moment of your life (my apologies if it's a little cryptic at the end there :)).  

I absolutely know how busy life can get and how backing up your images *might* get lost in the chaos, and this is where I hope to help!  All images from your Wedding or Portraiture session will be backed up on a Novella hard drive for 1 year from the date of your session.  As well, when it's time to remove your images from back-up, you will be notified via email and I will ask if you've taken steps to have backed up your images at home.  If you have, that's great and I can remove your images knowing that they have been taken care of - and if you have not, perhaps you can view my email as a friendly reminder to do so.

I hope this post helps to give you security and the knowledge that your images are well taken care of!  Please think of your collection of images as an heirloom piece, one that will be passed down in the years to come.  Back up and print your images as often as you can!

Wee Scottie | Kitchener Newborn Photographer

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I had the utmost pleasure of ringing in the New Year with this little munchkin!  The above image was taken during the 5 minutes she slept and (it's a little difficult to make it out) she has a shock of blond hair in her headful of brown!  I've never seen anything like it!  

Please enjoy the rest of wee Scotland's newborn images!

Kitchener Ice Storm (and energy balls!)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I've been wanting to post a few images from Kitchener's ice storm for a week or so.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas holiday and that you're prepared for a few days of very chilly weather! Enjoy the images and scroll down for a really yummy (and easy to make) recipe for energy balls!
 The weight of all of the ice pulled a neighbour's tree down (the tree next to it came down during that windy storm back in the Summer).
The chickens were less than impressed with all of the ice, although the chill today might pose a bigger problem for them this evening!  

 Now that we've all gorged on Christmas and New Years goodies, I thought I would start posting recipes that are MUCH healthier for us!  I stumbled upon this great website via and thought I'd try my hand at Neila Ray's Energy Ball recipe.  This has to be the simplest-to-make, healthiest goody I've ever made.  The girls LOVED them and I'm going to have to alternate out the peanut butter for honey so they can take them to school!

Energy Balls | Recipe from Neila, modified (you will need a food processor for this)

* 1 c. oats 
* 1/8 c. black currants, dried
* 1/4 c. dates, dried
* a few apricots, dried
* 1/4 c. peanut butter

1) Place all ingredients in a food processor (I used my small, trusty $10 one).  Pulse until all ingredients are combined.
2) I noticed that I had to add more peanut butter.  The measurement for peanut butter in this recipe is one that I've modified, so it should be enough.  You might wish to add more though.
3) Dump mixture from processor and into a bowl.  Roll mixture into balls and place in air-tight container.  Again, mixture should not be sticky and should mould easily.