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Winter Wedding at The Museum, Kitchener

Monday, February 24, 2014

There will be more images to come over the next few weeks of Josh and Kelly's *Night at the Museum* wedding!  

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Sunday, February 23, 2014

While culling my Bride and Groom's images from last weekend, I came across a wedding detail that I absolutely love and would like to see more couples explore.  The bouquet featured above was made by one of my incredibly talented and creative 2014 Brides and was created from paper, heirloom broaches, and sequins.  If I recall, correctly, the broaches were hand down from the Groom's mother and the bouquet also included a sweet tribute the Bride's father, who had passed on.

Below, is a quick look at the bouquets for her bridesmaids.

As another one of my Brides recently stated, there is a growing desire to create pieces for your wedding that can be saved and passed down.  An heirloom bouquet is really just the beginning: the adventurous/creative Bride can hand-tailor matching boutonnieres for their Groomsmen, elegant accessories for their dresses, as well as bridal party gifts, centre pieces, and party favours.

And for those who may not have the time to create something themselves, there is an astounding selection of hand-made, heirloom-quality creations on!  In addition to what you'll find on etsy, please feel free to also check out a Pinterest board I recently made, featuring alternative wedding bouquet options.

An alternative to paper flowers is to crochet or knit them!  Below are a few images of my first Bride to ever incorporate a bespoke bouquet into her wedding.

Happy Valentine's Day | Kitchener Lifestyle Photographer

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Even if the Valentine's session you've planned for your kids doesn't go quite as planned, just go with the flow and keep shooting.  It's highly likely your kids will surprise you, as will the shots you capture.  

ONA Camera Strap | The LIMA Strap

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I couldn't help but post a few images of my new ONA camera strap and showcase the way it pairs with my old Minolta (my first SLR camera!).  The two look like they were made for each other!  Of course, this strap is going to be going onto the DSLR I captured these images with, but my Minolta can come out to play every once in a while ;)).  

I couldn't be happier with my new strap and really can't wait to break it in!  I've been wanting to purchase a fancy camera strap for a while and for a few days was quite overwhelmed with the choices out there (you can find camera straps covered in glittery sequins - which I loved, but knew my hair would get caught in - lacy straps, as well as patterned).  I then started thinking about my brand and decided to choose a design that was both simple, yet classic - which I found immediately in the LIMA.

Now to save up for an ONA camera bag!  I've never been much of a purse-girl, but I want one of these in EVERY colour!

Please enjoy the following images.  A link to ONA's website is provided below.

60th Birthday Party | Event & Family Photography

Monday, February 10, 2014

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Ross!  It was so lovely spending the afternoon with your family during your Olympic-themed 60th.  Please enjoy these first few images from your big day!

Madrid, Cordoba, + Sevilla, Spain

Monday, February 3, 2014

This past Fall, I was lucky enough to accompany the Husband on a business trip to Spain!  These are just a few images I captured and there are many more that I have yet to import off my phone!  As much as I love my professional gear, it was incredibly cumbersome to carry around, especially as we walked everywhere.  

The image above is Madrid in the afternoon sun.  And below is during our drive South to Cordoba.