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Artisan Wedding Packaging | Bespoke Gift Box

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm always seeking new and creative ways to package digital files for my Couples and I've found my most favourite option in artisan wooden gift boxes.  Being the Realist portraitist that I am, I love the look and feel of something as naturally beautiful as a wooden case and it's a wonderful bonus that I am able to custom-design them for each and every one of my Couples.  

Slide-off lids are personalized with one image from your Wedding or an engraving of your names and wedding date.  Your wooden USB drives, featuring all of your post-processed digital files, are inside along with a little surprise ;)).

I've included a few images of this unique, bespoke gift from Novella Photography and I hope it gets you excited about receiving your images after your wedding with me!

* Please note: Artisan Wooden Gift Boxes are created for Couples who have paid for their digital files. Gift boxes are also included in Extended Family sessions, where the digital files have been purchased.

** Please contact Kate for pricing if you would like to order a custom box for your session, as they make wonderful gifts!